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    Shenzhen Hua Tian Yang Technology Co., Ltd. - Company Profile

Shenzhen huatianyang technology co., LTD is affiliated to huatianyang international (Hong Kong) co., LTD. is a total solutions provider of electronic components, specializing in resistors, capacitors, inductors, transistors, ESD & TVS, fuses, filters, antennas, integrated circuits and other components agent and distribution business. (FH) Fenghua Hi-Tech, (SAMSUNG) SAMSUNG, SUNLORD, YAGEO, CRMICRO, WPMTEK, TA-I ) Da Yi Technology, (LRC) Leshan Radio, (CJ) long electric technology, (Toprich) Tongrui, (DA) electric security technology, (HX) Business qualification. Our promotion products have been widely used in power, network communications, automotive electronics, mobile communications, household appliances, security monitoring, medical equipment, industrial electronic equipment and other industries. Successively in Hong Kong, Suzhou, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Beijing and other places set up subsidiaries and offices. Fourteen years since its establishment, has served more than 500 customers. The company has always insisted on both quality and efficiency, creating value for customers principle, and is committed to providing good quality, excellent service and flexible delivery. To become more trusted customers partners.


Chip capacitors: (YAGEO) Giant (FH) Fenghua Hi-Tech (SAMSUNG) Samsung Motor

Aluminum electrolytic capacitor: (RONGJU) Wing giant electrical and mechanical

Resistance: (YAGEO) Giant giant (TA-I) Dayi Technology (FH) Fenghua Hi-Tech

Inductance: (Toprich) SUNLORD (Sun), Suning (FH) Fenghua Gaoke

Second transistor: (LRC) Leshan Radio, (CJ) long electric technology

ESD & TVS: (WPMTEK) Wei Pan Micro (DA) Electrical Technology (TA-I) Tai Yi Technology

Filters & Antennas: (YAGEO) SUNLORD Sunlord Microwave (HX)

MOS & IC: (CRMICRO) CR Huarong

Tel: 0755-83686170

Fax: 0755-29490039

Address: Bantian Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen Dafa Road 27, Long Wall Industrial Park, 4th Floor, 25